Katy Shaw is Coming on March 10th

Featured Albums


The Dolls of New Albion

Annabel McAlistair brings back her dead love's soul and places it into…
new albion dieselpunk opera

The New Albion Radio Hour

Carnage, death, and misery are pushed to extremes in the final days…
Analogue Consciousness New Albion Atompunk

The New Albion Guide to Analogue Consciousness

Unjustly thrown into an asylum, Rachel hears a love song inside her…
steampunk opera miss helen cabaret

Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret

A cabaret cast performs a play every night in a western town…
uncle raven carnival cover

Uncle Raven’s Super Happy Funtime Carnival

The fleeing cast runs straight into the arms of the famous Post-Human…
gabriella gadfly cyberpunk cover

The Grand Cyberpunk Gala of Gabriella Gadfly

The remaining cabaret cast faces the greatest danger yet, but that is…
forgotten meme cover

The Forgotten Meme

A little meme, conscious and forgotten, has a wild dream of being…
broken cyborg opera cover

The Broken Cyborg

Jane the Cyborg, together with the inhabitants of a New Albion park,…
the lost fairy cover

The Lost Fairy

All hell breaks loose as the Cascadian forces descend on New Albion,…
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